Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First day of school 2015

We were all smiles for the FIRST day of school!  Both kids are at Lansberry Elementary this year. 

We are thrilled to have two of our favorite teachers.  Emma had Mrs Meredith in first grade and she moved up to third!  Owen was very familiar with Ms Thornton because she was Emma's kinder teacher :) 

I made these spiffy supplies cakes for both teachers.  Hopefully they will come in handy soon {thanks Pinterest!}
Emma is in third grade.  Time flies!  She has lots of familiar faces in her homeroom class.  This year they switch classes and her teacher for math and science is Mrs Smith.

At Meet the Teacher Ms T gave each student a gift and instructed them not to open it until the night before Kindergarten.  It was magic confetti to sprinkle under his pillow.  He was thrilled :)

Of course we read 'The Night Before Kindergarten' at bedtime.....

The next morning this guy marched into the Kindergarten hall like a pro!  He even requested that I not walk him in from the second day on {sniff sniff!}

Kinder is such a bittersweet journey but we are excited for Owen as we know the many adventures that await him!

We pray that these two have the best school year yet! 

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