Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Art

Emma enjoyed her Spring art class so much that she jumped at the opportunity to attend Summer classes.  She is very interested in art and drama.  She convinces Owen to put on a "show" every night at home.  This week she took Painting/Collage, Creative Dramatics and Beginning Clay Techniques.  Her absolute favorite was Creative Drama.  Anyone who knows her well knows that drama, acting and being center stage are right down her alley :)  Click HERE to check out the brief skit performed by her class!  It was entitled "Emma's Flower Garden"  ;)

This table displays the 6&7 year old artwork (pears and sunsets):

Emma was proud to show us her clay masterpieces (a snail & ladybug included!)

Owen was more than happy to help her hold artwork for a photo :)

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