Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The W!LD 2014

Emma thoroughly enjoyed the three fun filled days she spent at Carolina Creek Christian Camp last summer.  She loved it so much that when we went to pick her up on the last day she practically begged us to allow her to stay longer!  Needless to say, by the end of last summer she was registered for a full week this summer!  She was part of Wild week one and helped kick off summer 2014!  CCCC will serve over 12,000 campers this summer!  It seemed to rain constantly the week before and after camp.  Thank you Lord for beautiful weather for our camper!

There are so many amazing things about camp.  Upon entering the gates on the first day counselors were literally jumping up and down waving, smiling and energetically greeting each car as it entered.  We rolled our windows down to meet them and they told Emma how excited they were to have her again!  She had the biggest smile plastered on her face :)

As soon as we pulled in a counselor announced on the microphone "we have another zebra girl!" and another counselor came out to help us haul her luggage inside.  Of course little brother insisted on helping, too!

Our camper is such a sweet social butterfly and truly has a God given gift of making others feel included.  She makes friends quickly and adapts quite well to new situations.  Luckily Emma was assigned to the zebra cabin again this year {We had a momentary fear that she was assigned to the giraffe cabin.  The only problem was that we had purchased SO much zebra in preparation for camp!!}  This time she was upstairs and on a bottom bunk.  Cabins are assigned by age and the counselor to camper ratio is 1:4 (one of the most reassuring things for me!)

We are absolutely blessed to have such an amazing place so close and we highly recommend it to others! Carolina Creek has the very best directors and counselors anywhere!  Counselors are college aged and are carefully chosen and trained.  It just so happened to work out that Emma got the same counselor she had last year, Shelby.  The only two favors I asked of Shelby were that she would contact me if Emma got homesick and that she would help Emma put her hair up every day :)

Emma had a fun package to open each day when mail was distributed.  Before she left for camp she even reminded me to send some (haha!)  Thank you SO much to those of you who so generously contributed - we greatly appreciate it and Emma enjoyed receiving it!

Each Summer has a different theme accompanied by awesome decorations and music.  It is kept top secret until the first week of camp.  This year's theme is 'Change the World'.  Emma learned so much more about sharing the love of Jesus with her peers as well as everyone she comes in contact with.  She did a super job of this at school this year and I believe she will continue to do so.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world. but the save the world through Him.  
- John 3:17

I am so incredibly thankful that photos are taken and uploaded on a daily basis.  Since we couldn't talk to her for the entire week it was so reassuring to see her bright smile over and over again!  There were several different theme days and nights.  Some of these included camo, creek gear, carnival, super hero, red out, house shoes and tie dye.

All meals were served family style in "The Beastro".  Emma really seemed to enjoy the menu.  There are so many activities to keep campers busy.  Emma's group enjoyed the zip line (which Emma looked forward to all year and says is "just awesome!"), archery, rafting, and putt putt, just to name a few.  Perhaps her favorite activity of them all was "The Ocean".  This is a spacious 2.5' max water play area.  I'm sure she frequented it at every free time provided.  She came home with a perfect golden tan :)

On the last day Emma was given the 'Three-in-one' cabin award.  This means that she puts God first, others second and herself third.  Although this didn't surprise me a bit I had tears of streaming down my face.  It's such a blessing to know that she acts that way even when we aren't there reminding her to do so.  Shelby said that she comforted fellow campers who were homesick.  She offered to lead a prayer for them and to do their daily chores.  Wow.

When I asked Emma if she missed us she replied "not so much"!  She said she had too much fun and didn't have time to really think about home.  We missed her lots but know that she had the best week!  She is already looking forward to attending Summer 2015.


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