Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last day of First grade

Emma's last day of first grade was a half day.  We had a fun class party!  Jarrod created a slide show of the year and helped organize 'minute to win it' games.  The kids LOVED them!  First they participated in toilet paper mummy races:

Next they tried their best to shake ping pong balls out of these empty tissue boxes.  Hilarious!!

Lastly they tried to balance a cookie on their forehead and then work it down to their mouth without using their hands.  Tricky but funny!

Of course little brother had to participate.  He thinks he is part of the class :)

Fun friends

Emma was blessed with an amazing teacher and lots of sweet friends this year.  She enjoyed school and learned so much!  She especially enjoyed reading and finished in second place in the reading counts system (with 141 points)!  

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