Thursday, August 28, 2014

Owen's first day of Pre K

Tuesday was Owen's first day of Pre K at Discovery Days.  He woke up excited and even asked to hold me hand on the way to school.  Once we arrived he couldn't get to his classroom fast enough to catch up with all of his favorite little friends :)  We are beyond blessed to have Ms Anitra as his teacher again this year.

He will still attend Tues/Thurs but will stay until 3pm this year.  I was eager to find out whether or not he would actually sleep at rest time!  He did NOT.  Ms Anitra said that about half fell asleep and half did not.  If they don't fall asleep within the first half hour they are allowed to get up and do a quiet activity.  He said he played race cars.  He was sound asleep in the car before we got home :)  He is so proud of his new lunchbox that matches his backpack.

He is looking forward to the many adventures and experiences Pre K holds!

I got a little more emotional dropping this one off than I anticipated.  He completely melts my heart.  This is probably the last year he will be home with me some during the week and I will cherish every single day.  He is funny, sympathetic and curious.  He continuously keeps me on my toes and I pray that we are shaping him into a godly young man!