Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh BOY!! {gender reveal}

We have a HUGE announcement to make!!!  

We are adding a pumpkin to our patch....

Another football player to our team....

And another {tiny} pair of shoes to our house!

Owen has done such a wonderful job at being a little brother that he is being promoted to BIG brother!  :)

The big ultrasound was scheduled for my birthday!  I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate my 33rd!  Coach took the day off work and I was happy to have him there.  We both agreed that the gender didn't matter and that we just wanted a sweet healthy baby.  We made our final gender predictions in the waiting room and then headed back to meet with Dr Deahl.  It didn't take him long to determine that we will be welcoming a little BROTHER this Spring!  I must admit that Coach was smiling ear to ear :)  Dr D did lots of measurements and said that everything looked great {praise the Lord!!}  It was fun to spend so much time taking a peek at all of his little parts.  We could very clearly see his spinal cord, ribs, bladder, all 5 fingers on each hand, feet, legs, brain, skull and boy parts.  Simply amazing!!! My due date is March 24th. 

We chose to share the gender with the news with the kiddos first.  I must admit that it was quite a challenge to keep it a secret from the rest of the world that day!  After brief stops at the furniture store {for a giant box} and the party store {for a bunch of blue balloons} and a little crafty magic we were set.  {Some of the photos were dark because Coach gets home from practice around 8pm!}  Of course Emma was on "team pink" and Owen was on "team blue" they were told that it is totally up to God and that they needed to be happy either way ;)

The big kids were excited about blue balloons!  I told Emma that God thought that she had been such a great big sister to a boy that He thought she should do it again!!  

We are all thrilled about our blessing and can't wait to kiss his sweet little face.  We covet your prayers over these next few months and promise to keep you all updated!  XOXO


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