Friday, September 4, 2009


As of noon today we are the proud new owners of our third home! The sellers actually treated us to lunch at a new sandwich shop in town.....including their famous bread pudding! Emma did very well during closing and was very intrigued by the huge fish tank at the title office with several Nemos and Doris :)

Luckily we were able to unload both of our vehicles before Coach Smith had to load a game bus. Both of our cars were cram packed full of stuff. There was just a tiny space for Emma's car seat! Our new fridge and stove were delivered but the stove is about a foot too short. Apparently in some older houses the space for the stove/ventahood is 42 whoopin' inches long, compared to 30" or 36" in newer homes. How's that for some random trivial information?! We will deal with that after the holiday weekend, but for now I am so relieved to be able to move in this weekend :)

Tomorrow afternoon and Sunday morning we hope to get everything successfully moved over, but I'm sure the unpacking and organizing process will take weeks! It's fun to start putting things in Owen's nursery. Emma volunteered for him to have her Elmo chair. We will also be shuffling a lot of furniture since he will get her changing table/shelves and mattress. She will get my old chest of drawers that my dad built and a new full size mattress, bedding set and head/foot board set that we hope to order from Ikea as soon as we have a moment to breathe!

I am excited about taking 3 days off of work. In fact, we won't have internet access for most of that time. I'm signing off but wish us luck in making our new house into our "home sweet home"...


  1. I am so happy for you all. Congrats on closing and moving in. However I will be missing you on-line, hurry back.

  2. That's Nemo and Dorie (Dory)...LOL! Congrats on the new house, Neighbor! :)