Monday, September 14, 2009

34 weeks already!

How far along?: 34 weeks tomorrow

Total weight gain: 31 lbs

How big is baby?: Approx 4 3/4 lbs and 18" long....similar in size to a cantaloupe :)

Maternity clothes?: Oh yes...and I'm growing out of giant t shirts. I'm not letting myself buy anything else this late in the game :)

Stretch marks?: none

Sleep?: Okay, although I get up to use the restroom several times per night....

Best moment this week?:

Food cravings?: nothing new

Labor signs?: Nothing major, although my feet are finally beginning to be swollen (which never happened until the weekend before Emma's arrival). Oh, and my loving husband mentioned that my face is beginning to swell (Um, thanks?!?!)

Belly button in or out?: out

What I miss: having more energy

What I'm looking forward to: organizing the nursery

Milestone: setting up the bassinet in our room (it's the ONE thing we have ready!)

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