Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend update

Ta da!! So this is my new phone. It is the BlackBerry Storm. Yes, a little intimidating for this technically challenged gal :) Luckily Jarrod got an identical one so we are learning and experimenting together! I spent all of last week trying to convince AT&T to release us from our contract (a couple of months early) without a penalty fee. We had no reception at our new house. In fact, there was an 'X' where bars should be. AT&T told me that there showed to be moderately fair reception in our zip code and that the fine print on our contract states that cellular phones are not guaranteed to work inside homes or buildings. They also assured me that I should be able to talk outside in my yard. WHAT?! To make a long story short, I climbed the supervisor ladder and by the end of last week was able to get our fee waived...woo hoo!! We are now proud Verizon customers and have perfect reception in our house :) Oh, and fancy phones to figure out. We need all sorts of gadgets....hard covers, cases, etc. We had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday night we traveled to Waco ISD stadium to watch the Yoemen beat the Lorena Leopards 27-17!! It was an exciting game to watch and the Yoemen dominated all four quarters :) I expect to see very little of Coach Smith this week as our huge rival game is on Friday (and it is our first district game). We play Rockdale in the "Battle of the bell", a 50+ year old Milam county tradition. Last year they even had TWO pep rallies to get the community excited :) By the way, PLEASE vote for Cameron vs. Rockdale in the KWTX Marquee Matchup. Voting ends Wed so vote early and often:

On Saturday we traveled back to Waco for the Baylor home opener. Unfortunately we lost to UConn :( Too bad I didn't get a picture of my Aggie husband wearing green & gold!! Next week we are going to the Aggie's a fair trade off!

On the way to Waco we met our good friend Brandon half way. He had some goodies for Owen! Kirstie, his mother in law, is the most crafty lady I know! She made these awesome O-W-E-N letters to match the nursery. She also made Emma's 3 yrs ago :) Among those goodies was also a toy organizer.....I am thrilled to have it and plan to get Emma the matching one.

Emma absolutely hated the swing when she was an infant. She had no hesitation crawling in it this afternoon - this is how I found her! As you can tell from the photo there is no organization in Owen's nursery thus far. I'm hoping to change that very soon!

My dad came over today to start building a fence. He was such a lifesaver and also helped organize our garage, repair/transport Emma's chest of drawers to her room and created a computer work space among other things. THANKS DAD!! Emma kept begging him to sit down and play with her. They ate goldfish together and made silly faces for the camera :)

We went to Cracker Barrell for lunch today. I love their little shop! Emma pointed out a huge pink lollipop that she wanted. I told her that she could have it if she went potty. Low and behold, she made it happen! I couldn't go back on my word so we went home with a gigantic lollipop. Since she was wearing pink dress/bow/shoes I just had to take photos!

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  1. Love your new phone! If you need cases and/or covers, hit up ebay. They have cute covers for CHEAP!!! You will also need a screen protector. You can get universal ones at Wal-Mart for about $5 and you get 6-7 of them. As for the lollipop, cutest thing ever!! What a great bribe!