Monday, September 14, 2009

Two sides of a two year old

Everyone has heard of the "terrible twos". It almost comes as an expected stage in behavior for toddlers. Furthermore, several fellow mommies claim that the ages of 3 and 4 can be even more trying :( All I know is that we're in for a wild ride! Emma has had a strong willed personality since birth. Even her daddy admits that she is a lot like him. I am a lot more laid back and passive, which certainly makes things interesting around here!

Emma started throwing temper tantrums just before she turned 18 months. She seems to be testing her limits a lot more now than ever. If I ask her to (or not to) do something that she doesn't like she quickly barks "No my do that"! Her favorite word is "NO" and she is not afraid to roll her eyes and show her attitude whenever she feels. I hate to think of what she will be like at the age of 15 (yikes)! I've done some research and the general consensus is that distraction, separation, explaniation, compromise and discipline are the best things to focus on when dealing with this common stage. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to come to grips with disciplining Emma because I don't want her to be sad. However, I know how important it is for us to instill good morals and beahaviors now, so that she will carry them through her life.

On the other hand, Emma can be as sweet as sugar. Rarely does anyone but myself or Jarrod see her act out (unless you happen to be a lucky stranger/bystander in public). It is very sweet to hear her say her prayers "Dear God, thank you for family, breakfast and health, Amen." She is also getting very good at piecing complete sentences together such as "May I have some apple juice please". Today she said "Mommy, I like your ring and bracelet."


  1. You are such an awesome and caring mom. And you have a wonderful 2 year old daughter. But then again I am not a lucky bystander. I haven't heard anyone say that 5 is bad, so there is hope :)

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