Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cake class graduate

I completed the Wilton cake course #1 this morning! I even received a certificate of merit to prove it :) The class taught me a lot.....most of all that cake decorating is not easy (oh, and it requires lots of equipment). I learned several different techniques including how to properly ice a cake and how to make specific borders, designs and flowers.....including the well known Wilton rose! Our instructor, Gwen, also provided interesting useful tid bits of information about what pieces of equipment are the most important, how to transport a cake by automobile and how to make the famous Wilton buttercream frosting. My fellow coach's wife, Lauren, took the class with me and we had a fun time. I think I accomplished my goal of being able to be a little more creative and bold with cakes that I make. I have a couple of good birthday opportunites coming up soon :)

Here is my "final" cake. This is using the star flower, one of the specific techniques we learned. Course #2 teaches fondant and gum paste, but I may teach myself watching Youtube videos instead.

From now on I will really appreciate these giant sugar masterpieces because I know the work put into them!


  1. great job! i've always wanted to take that class!

  2. Woohoo! I took all of them, they are fun. Your cake looks nice, congrats!!