Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surprise shower

This morning Emma and I got ready and went to playgroup as usual. This time something was different. When we walked in the door we were pleasantly greeted by "SURPRISE"!! A surprise baby shower had been planned in Owen's honor :) What an unexpected treat! They did a wonderful job including lunch, cake and gifts. What a sweet group of ladies & kiddos! It's so nice to be a part of a community with caring and generous friends.

It was neat getting to quiz moms who already have boys. It sounds like boys can be very different than girls, in many different ways! Everyone in attendance made a prediction on Owen's birthday. Here are the guesses in date order:

Kristy - Oct 9
Shari - Oct 16
Stacy - Oct 22nd
Addie - Oct 25
Lisa - Nov 1
Martha - Nov 3

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