Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Organization for Owen

Yesterday at my check up it was determined that I hadn't progressed past 1cm. However, Dr. wang wants to induce on or around Oct 21st if Owen hasn't made his grand debut by then (yes, that's in just 2 wks)! The fact that Emma was 3 wks early and weighed 7.5 lbs (and taking in consideration that boys are generally bigger) she doesn't want him to be too big. Owen is already in the head down position and his sweet little back is curled up on my left side (which now makes perfect sense as to why I've felt so many kicks in my right rib cage)! Owen's heart beat was 144 BPM and I was so happy that Jarrod could come along for the appt! I go back next Monday and will keep you all posted :) Considering induction is a new concept for us. It makes me a little nervous that my body wouldn't be starting the process naturally. On the other hand there are so many perks to it! I wouldn't have to worry about traveling an hour in an emergency situation, we can send Emma to my parents' house ahead of time and Jarrod could tell work exactly when he needs off.

This afternoon I have focused mainly on organizing for Owen. I was very productive in the nursery on Sun but will feel much better once it is a finished product. I like how the sports theme with primary colors turned out. We still hope to spruce up a large blank wall with a homemade goal post out of PVC pipe and find a neat quote to put beside it. Enjoy the pics! Some other things I have done in preparation today include wash his first load of laundry, charge batteries for the camera & video recorder, start packing our hostpital bag and make/freeze my first dish.