Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home safe and sound on Thursday afternoon. We met my parents for lunch on Baylor campus and reunited with Emma :) Jarrod took Friday off school but resumed varsity game responsibilities last night and enjoyed another Yoemen victory! We are thankful for all of our wonderful visitors at the hospital and since we have been home. We are settling in nicely and Emma is being the best big sister. She is a big helper (most of the time).

Owen is such a joy already! He is very laid back and goes with the flow. He definitely has his days & nights mixed up. I forgot how challenging the first couple of weeks can be! He sleeps hard during the day and then is ready to play at night. He doesn't like the bassinet next to our bed and will rarely sleep in the baby papasan chair. I'm going to make myself take an extended nap this afternoon to catch up on zzz's!

Owen went back to Hillcrest for his first newborn check up on Friday morning. He had lost 5 oz before we left the hospital and evidently had lost another 6 oz since our release. We will weigh in again on Monday. He was tested for jaundice twice and does not have it.

Here are some photos of life at home so far. Hope you enjoy!

Roxie & Owen

Emma always wants to hold him!

Owen was not happy at the dr visit.

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