Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One week old!

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord... Psalms 127:3

It's hard to believe that Owen is already one week old! While he is still so tiny and new it's already hard to imagine life without him. He is such a joy to his parents, sister, grandparents and others. He is teaching us love, patience, gentleness and the importance of family all over again!

At his weight check yesterday afternoon Owen tipped the scale at 7 lbs 1.5 oz. He had gained 1/2 ounce since Friday's newborn check up. Hopefully this continues and he starts gaining weight like he should. We also went through this with Emma and apparently it is pretty common. Owen is currently running out of wardrobe options as he is so tiny. Size NB (newborn) outfits are still far too big! Regular baby socks swallow his sweet itsy bitsy tootsies and look more like booties!

Emma is a wonderful big sister! I must admit I was nervous about how she would react, but she has been very accepting and helpful. She constantly wants to hold him and assists with each and every diaper/clothing change! Last night she heard the mention of a diaper change and RAN to his nursery. She quickly returned with a diaper and wipes. Today she accidentely dropped his pacifier and immediately picked it up, wiped it on her shirt and said "It's not dirty"! Owen stares at her with amazement and wonders when he will be big enough to play :) She is happy to inform anyone that Owen is "zero" and she "three...almost"!

Owen is still pretty laid back. He goes with the flow and doesn't fuss unless he is hungry, wet or wants to be held. His sister must have given him instructions on how to break free of a tight swaddle! He is starting to smile. It could just be gas, but it is the cutest little boy smile I've ever seen! Sleep was an expected challenge. Owen has his days/nights totally mixed up. I am pretty sleep deprived but it is totally worth it! He slept in his swing for a 2.5 hour stretch last night so I was thankful for some rest on the couch. We have started sleeping for a few hours right after Jarrod leaves for work at 6am. It's hard to "sleep when the baby sleeps" when you have a two year old tornado to keep tabs on ;)

Snoozing on his one week bday:

I can't capture enough pictures of his sweet face!!

Emma was pretending to scream with Owen after his bath:

First sponge bath:


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so so so cute!!

  2. He is precious. It is amazing how they can capture your heart so fast.