Friday, October 2, 2009


Some of you will remember my big "TO DO" list from a couple of weeks ago. Here is the list again with progress updates. It helps that all of you are my accountablilty partners! I'm feeling much better and prepared:

-Renew drivers license - The Milam county office has odd hours/days, so this just hasn't worked out yet. With it expiring this WED I must take care of it on MON!

-Get an eye check up COMPLETE

- Start decorating and organizing Owen's nursery HALF WAY THERE!

-Finish tagging items for Just Between Friends sale COMPLETE & made some extra cash!!

-Find a few more pieces for Emma's bee Halloween costume COMPLETE along with the generous contribution of a matching candy pail from a sweet friend!! I also bought a cute pumpkin onesie for Owen, in case he decides to show up at least 3 days early! Also, I scheduled a costume playdate for our playgroup at our hosue on Oct 14th....yay for trick-or-treating :)

-Christmas shop (get as much done as possible) - Will have to wait, I have 2 gifts so far.

-Finish unpacking all moving boxes and decorate house - Most of the boxes are unpacked and gone...yipee! I've realized that the decorating process will take some time...and that's okay.

-Finish Emma's scrapbook - I've come to grips with the fact that I'll be juggling TWO scrapbooks before long, but someday I WILL finish them!

-Figure this whole breast feeding thing out - I've asked for advice from other mommies and will do my best. Hopefully my husband will bring back the remainder of our storage items soon because my electric pump is in there!

-Prepare for Emma's 3rd bday party - I've narrowed it down to a date & a few themes (polka dots, candy shop, Nemo or Princess). It won't take long from here....I just can't believe she will be THREE in 60 short days :(

-Prepare for Jarrod's 30th bday - struggling a little here.....(but I have a few ideas!)

-Make and freeze meals for when Owen arrives (must wait for stove to arrive!) - The stove is finally here! I purchased ingredients for a few of our favorite dishes and we hope to have a cooking day soon to prepare!

-Pack our hospital bag as well as Emma's bag - I keep procrastinating on this one! This AM I packed a small toiletry bag for myself to grab if an emergency arises. Other than that, I invision myself running around like a crazy lady trying to remember everything on the way out the door. I also keep reminding myself that I should CHARGE BATTERIES for cameras, etc!

-Grocery shop so that we have plenty of extras and won't run the risk of running out of anything - 99.% COMPLETE


  1. If you need any help with the breastfeeding thing, I've got it down. Seriously, it is so much easier when you have someone that has done it more than once! I wish I had had that when Kendall was born because Connor was SO very different than her!

    Looks like you like is going good!!! Hollar if you need any help. Kendall and I are home all day until about 2:30 when school pick up begins!!!

  2. It is suppose to say, "Looks like your list is going good!!!" Silly tiredness!!!