Tuesday, October 20, 2009

39 weeks.....(final survey)

How far along?: 39 weeks today

Total weight gain: right at 30 lbs

How big is baby?: over 7.5 lbs last Mon & around 20 in long, similar in size to a mini watermelon

Maternity clothes?: Yes....and the shirts dont cover to the bottom and the pants don't cover to the top (yikes!)

Stretch marks?: You all will be relieved to know that I do have one. It's a purple mark near my belly button....proving that my skin just shouldn't stretch that far!

Sleep?: acceptable

Best moment this week?: our diaper shower at school last Fri

Food cravings?: Halloween candy is NOT a good thing to keep around the house. Especially if there is none left for trick-or-treaters ;)

Labor signs?: Yes....contractions this AM.

Belly button in or out?: far out

What I miss: being able to clean house quickly and efficiently without sweating and waddling!

What I'm looking forward to: meeting Owen soon

Milestone: installing the car seat


  1. Can't wait to hear that he is here. Do you go in tonight or tomorrow morning? We will be thinking about you and praying for Owen's safe arrival. Love you guys!

  2. hope you guys are doing well, can't wait to get an update from you!