Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bring on Fall :)

I love Fall. It is my favorite season. Even though I don't see much of my husband, I love EVERYthing else about it :) Summer is my LEAST favorite season, so this makes me love Fall even more.

I love when the leaves change beautiful colors and fall in the yard. I love the first day that it is so chilly a sweater is required to go outdoors. I love putting away shorts and tank tops and bringing out long sleeve shirts and boots! I love hot chocolate, especially from Starbucks! I love decorating my front porch with pumpkins, scarecrows and flower mums. I love warm and inviting candle newest favorite is creamy nutmeg from Bath & Body Works. I love wearing sweat pants and goofy Halloween socks. I love dreaming up costumes for the kid(s) to go trick-or-treating in on Halloween night.

What is YOUR favorite season? What do you love so much about it?


  1. I too love the fall the best. I love the weather and that I get to pull my sweats out (remember our VS Aggie sweatsuit? Love it!)

  2. Hands down, fall!! Love the smell in the air, love the cozy clothes I get to wear again. Love the "not sweaty" season of TX, lol! And Pumpkin everything. I OD on pumpkin in the fall - pumpkin lattes from Starbucks, pumpkin candles, pumpkin air freshener and of course pumpkin pie!