Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Year and a Half

Owen is a year and a whole half old today!  He is SO much fun!   

A few words to describe him at this stage include sweet, silly, cuddly, playful, sneaky, curious, persistent and busy.  He still doesn't talk much but definitely has a cute sense of humor nonetheless :)  He still occasionally bites his mama (super!) and loves to throw toys, food, pacifiers and anything else in sight.  He has advanced overhand throwing skill and aim (thanks to his dad) which may pose quite a challenge to teach him not to chunk toys at little friends.  He still doesn't sleep all the way through the night but that's okay ;)  He loves his late morning nap which often lasts 2.5 hrs!  Depending on our schedule he sometimes still takes a second nap each day (I am determined not to let him give up naps as early as Emma did - before age 2).  When he is ready to get out of the crib after sleeping (or just to get our attention) he loudly throws his pacifier and sippy cup on the floor. 

He now has a total of twelve teeth.  He is still taking Polyvisol drops daily and also usually begs his way to a princess gummy vitamin like his sister gets! 

We are diligently working on manners with both kiddos.  Owen asks "Boof?" (please) over and over again if there is something he really wants! 

He still adores his big sister and wants to do anything she does...which obviously includes bringing all the blankets and pillow pets into the living room and watching Tangled :) 

He usually doesn't mind getting dirty.  He still enjoys the great outdoors and running, climbing, exploring and playing ball.  He has a new found love for bubbles and baseball. 

He loves trucks, power tools and anything that makes noise (excluding the vacuum). He also loves his daddy and is royally offended each time he leaves for work :)

It's hard to believe that we are on the downhill slide to TWO years!

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