Wednesday, April 20, 2011

18 month check up

Today was Owen's 18 month check up at Hillcrest....

He got to stand on the scale like a big boy this time!  He weighs 23 lbs 14 oz and measures 31" long.  His height and weight and finally in the 25th percentile!  His noggin is still off the charts large in size (brains, of course!) :)

He is curious and mischievous all day long.  Of course he had to check out all the drawers, cabinets and crawl spaces at the pedi office! 

It didn't stop there!  He insisted on holding Dr Dewbre's utensils during the exam.  He even attempted to stick the tongue depressor in her mouth!  She said that he looks great!  I shared concerns regading his lack of eating and talking but she reassured me that he is right on track.  She expects that his vocabulary will explode over the next six months! 

Owen lucked out with no shots this time and his next well child visit is at age two. 

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