Saturday, April 30, 2011

Huey and Duey

Introducing the newest (very temporary!) members of the Smith household, Huey and Duey!  Big Daddy gave them to the kids or Easter and they have gotten bigger, quicker and louder over the past week!!

Jarrod created a very quack friendly home for our waddling friends.  He enclosed a space on the back porch equipped with a pool, a step to get in and out of it and a floating dock (styrofoam) with food.  They are in duck heaven!  Occasionally when we peek at them they are snoozing in the same corner :)

We do let them wonder around the back yard at least once a day.  We hope that they are learning how to hunt and survive outside of their comfy oasis because we plan to take them to a local park/pond at the end of May.  Roxie is a little too interested in them so we don't let her get too close!

Owen's new favorite word is "duck"!  Each time we go outside or return home he immediately wants to visit them! 

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