Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning was Emma's first pre T ball game of the season.  This year we are the GIANTS

Some of you will recall that Emma was the youngest one on the team last year.  This year she is the oldest!  She did a great job today.

Jarrod is coaching again and does a fantastic job!

Little brother Owen wanted to play so badly!  We let him run on the field for awhile beforehand but he didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to participate in the game!  Afterall, he attends every practice, plays at home, and was wearing orange like the other kiddos.  Who can blame him?!  Just two more years buddy....

Grandpa James & Emma before her turn to bat :)

Emma's games are the next five consecutive Saturday mornings (with the exception of May 21st because her dance recital)!  We love fans so come watch if you promises to be fun and entertaining :)

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  1. I love her pink helmet. I remember it from last year. I need to get Morgan in tball!

    Loved the pics of Emma and Jared and of owen's first haircut, they are so cute!