Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nature festival

This morning we attended the second annual Milam county Nature Festival.  It offered lots of educational fun for the whole family!  It was especially ideal for Emma's age.  First she decided to get a colorful snake painted on her arm:

Next she made a plaster mold of a skunk foot.  She also planted her own wildflower in a newspaper cup.  Owen tried to help :)  She learned all about bats, butterflies, insects and many more species. 

Smokey the Bear made an appearance.  Owen waved big from a distance but I'm not sure he felt as friendly when we went up close to snap a picture!  I wanted to include this photo especially for those of you who know how uneasy I am around mascots/characters.

Emma enjoyed playing archaeologist and digging for hidden treasures! 

She even touched a snake.....

...and an alligator (named Amos) without hesitation!  Eeek!!!

We look forward to returning next year :)

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