Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Splish Splash...

Owen was taking a bath!! He absolutely LOVES bath time! He can be fussy all day long and then turns into a happy boy in the tub :) With his dry skin I usually only bathe him every other day, but if he seems desperate for a change of scenery/activity, he goes in the bath! Emma always wants to help bathe him....and does a super job!
Santa brought him a bunch of tub critters, and we are slowly introducing them one by one! He is just now showing interest in particular toys and will occasionally grab for something. He seems very pleased when he holds something with both hands - and if Emma is around she shouts, "Good job, Bubby, you did it!" which usually startles him and makes him drop the item :)
You can see in the first photo that his hair is finally (slowly but surely) beginning to appear. It is very light blonde but in some lights has a hint of red :) The last couple of photos shows him sitting in the 'infant/toddler' part of his baby tub. When in the newborn part he tries so hard to sit up...and now does a fantastic job in the big boy part!

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