Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sleepless in Cameron....

Owen is 21 weeks old today! He is still not sleeping very well. We have moved him back into the bassinet in our room, just to eliminate me having to walk to his room as often as he wakes up (it was about every 45 minutes last night). He has a lingering cough which wakes him up every time. I plan to start getting serious about sleep training once he is six months old and the cough is gone. The good news is that his daytime naps have gotten longer (he has two 2 hour long naps - one mid morning and one early afternoon) and we are getting a bedtime bedtime routine down. He can even cry himself back to sleep during naps.

With our pedi's permission, we started baby foods. He doesn't seem overly interested yet, but will take some. He had been watching our forks go from the plate to our mouths for weeks! With him wanting to eat ALL the time, I had to do something :) I haven't yet tried making my own food but will soon. The Zantac might be working a little, but I can't tell a huge difference. He still spits up like crazy!! He dropped 5 oz in weight last week so I'm keeping an eye on that.
He will sit in the walker for a few minutes at a time. He often enjoys slow rides around the house from his sister - that's definitely an advantage of hard floors throughout! He has tons of space to boogy! His lil feet are far from reaching the ground yet :)
Here are some photos from last week:

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