Sunday, March 28, 2010

Curb appeal

Look what I found in my flower pot :)

We have lived in our house for almost seven months now. It was a flip and the inside was totally re done. However, the exterior still needs some TLC..curb appeal, if you know what I mean! We added a privacy fence back in the Fall. We have beige brick and brown shutters, so we hope to eventually add some landscaping color. This weekend we raked leaves, pulled weeds and added six Japanese boxwood bushes in front. They should grow to be 4' X 4' so it will look great in the years to come. We plan to add rose bushes and something to spice up the huge beautiful trees!

I found this cute metal flower pot stand in Oklahoma and have filled it every Spring. It goes on the front porch:

One of the earliest memories I have is of my dad and I picking tiny strawberries around our house. We would then dip them in powdered sugar and enjoy :) I stumbled upon this small strawberry plant yesterday and hope to share sweet strawberry memories with Emma! Another bonus is that there is a 'Summer strawberry cobbler' recipe on the back....yum!

Emma planted her very own mini Elmo cherry tomato garden. It is so cute and hopefully she will have success :)