Saturday, March 20, 2010

Road trip

This past week was Spring break for Jarrod! He had an away soccer game on Mon as well as a district soccer meeting on Wed morning, but other than that he was all ours :) This is the first year in his coaching career that we haven't had to stay in town during SB due to a Spring sport such as track or softball. We took advantage of the opportunity and hit the road!

We headed south toward League City to visit my best friend, Lauren, and her husband, Josh. We stopped at the Katy Mills mall for lunch and a few minutes of shopping. What a neat place! Emma and I enjoyed a train ride around the mall. Owen is finally able to sit like a big boy in the double stroller and seems much happier that way!

Since this was my first time in KATY, TX I had to get a photo:

J&L have been married for almost two years, bought a beautiful home almost a year ago and are joyfully expecting their first bundle of joy (a sweet baby GIRL) this Summer. They were perfect hosts and we really enjoyed the visit. Lauren and I lived together for three years during college and I really wish we lived closer now. She is an elementary school teacher and Josh works at NASA. He gave us a tour of the Saturn V rocket display at Johnson Space Center, just minutes from their home. It is H-U-G-E, stretching the length of a home run in Major League Baseball:

On Friday we enjoyed some delicious seafood at Outriggers. My gumbo and grilled crab cake were yummy! After, we went to Kemah Boardwalk. There are tons of restaurants, live music, rides and activities. Since it was also SB for the Houston schools it was crazy busy! Since the ticket lines were outrageously long (and Emma isn't quite tall enough to ride many rides), we decided to just walk and look. Jarrod did take her to look at a sting ray exhibit at the aquarium.
Last night Lauren and I were able to sneak away for much needed pedicures and girl talk.

This morning we said our goodbyes and headed back home. It was 60 degrees when we left Houston but was 39 degrees once we returned to Cameron. Brrrrr! I look forward to visiting again with Lauren twice in early June :)

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