Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smith going ons

I can't believe that March is already here! I love this time of year....it is not too hot and not too cold (most years)! There are flowers blooming and birds chirping. This is just a random post that will update you on what we're up to!
This past week we signed Emma up for pre T ball (starting in late April) and preschool (starting in Sept). What a big girl! She is ecstatic about both adventures :) She will be on the same 3&4 yr old ball team for the next couple of years. It's the first activity we haven't had to drive out of town for - yay! She has one practice per week and four games total. This is the first year Jarrod hasn't had a third sport, so luckily he will be able to help out! After a trip to Academy, Emma proudly marched out as the new owner of her first fancy bat, tee, ball, tiny cleats and glove....pink and purple, of course! Jarrod said that he had fun helping her pick out equipment...he said it was "addicting" :) We have to go back soon for a pair of t ball pants...size XXS, of course!
We took a tour of the preschool yesterday. It is at First United Methodist Church in downtown Temple. It is very bittersweet to sign up for something like that. After much prayer and consideration, the advantages are abundant! Not only will she gain more experience with her peers, take instruction from another authority and get on a "school" routine, but I will have one on one time with Owen, something that he never gets! Emma will start PreK through the Cameron school district the following Fall and this will serve to bridge the gap between staying home full time and going to school all day every day. Preschool is two mornings a week and we are car pooling with another family. They will have a certified teacher and there are only twelve 3 yr olds in the class. We were given a copy of this week's lesson plans and the kiddos keep busy with fun and educational activities. The curriculum deals a lot with phonics. At this age children are like sponges - so I'm sure she will learn a lot! Emma surprises me daily with what she knows and thinks! She has started asking questions about anything and everything.
I posted this photo of Owen because it is his newest thing. he puts his right hand on his right ear and his left fist goes in his mouth! At first I thought maybe he had an ear infection and was pulling on his right ear. After two doctors examined him and said his ears look great, I guess this is just what he does :) He dislikes the pacifier but will chew on that fist all day long!
Coach Smith is counting down the last days of soccer season. There are only 3 practices and 3 games left on the schedule. The team has a lot to be proud of this year! The Yoemen football team is in the midst of boot camp....a new strategy started by the new athletic director. We took lunch to J at school today and got to witness the jump rope station on our way out. It looks like serious business! Jarrod is loving every minute of it :) Cameron will be in the 2A division next year, which means a whole new set of competitors.
We are really enjoying our "More than Married" class at church. Emma looks forward to her class each Sunday, as well. We have even started leaving Owen in the nursery. We have been attending Temple Bible Church for about 6 months now....it is HUGE! They offer three different morning worship services and all are packed! The music and message are awesome! If you really want to become involved you have to jump in! There are endless classes and activities for all ages. We are on week 5 of 12 in our class. Each week we have homework ~ which is basically an opportunity to set aside time to talk and focus on our marriage. Over the past couple of weeks we have been sharing and discussing our top three intimacy needs. This has been such a blessing, especially as we approach our sixth wedding anniversary this weekend :)

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