Monday, December 5, 2011

Proud to be a Bear!

Those Aggies may like to saw Texas' horns off.....but so do the BEARS!!  We have certainly worn our fair share of maroon this season but on Saturday the whole family dressed in green and gold and headed for Floyd Casey stadium.  We watched the last two big exciting victories (against the Sooners & Raiders) on TV but really wanted to watch their last home game of the season in person. 

Our kids may be from a house divided when it comes to the battle of the brazos, but Emma sure knows how to do this :)

This little guy did exceptionally well....especially skipping his usual naptime :)  He cheered for the football team, band performance and the mascot.  I'm proud to say that he even stuck his little bear cub paw up in the air anytime he saw someone else doing it!

We were thankful for the rain....but got pretty wet at times!  It started sprinkling heavily right at kick off.  Owen and I hustled to the gift shop for a set of rain panchos.  It puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "fair weather fan" :)

What a game and what a season! 

RGIII definitely has my Heisman vote!!