Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

We were beyond blessed to share the joy of Christmas with many loved ones this week.  We spread four family gatherings over an eight day period.

The first gathering was with the Parmer clan (extended family on my mom's side).  Here are the cousins in attendance along with our significant others and children.  Some of my most wonderful childhood memories include these fun people.  We have gotten together serveral times a year since we were all tiny tots.  It has been a special joy to welcome new spouses and babies into the family over the past few years.

Here is Memaw with her four great grandchildren (ages 5, 2, 1 & 3 mos).  I have so many happy memories from holidays at Memaw & Papa's house and count it a major blessing that my kids now get to spend time with her.

We enjoyed Christmas lunch in Troy at Grandpa James' house.

Among other fun goodies Owen loves his new camera!  He says "Cheese" :)

Next we traveled to Big Daddy and Lita's house in McGregor for dinner.

Lita shares a birthday with Jesus so she got some help blowing out the candles!

On Friday we traveled to Comanche to visit with Grandpa Ed, Grandma and more family.  The kiddos enjoyed playing with their cousins and we were all blessed to receive so many new toys and goodies!

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