Friday, December 2, 2011

Simply Homemade Advent Calendar

It's finally December, the most wonderful time of the year!!  Our tree is up and decorated, the lights are up outside and I am just about done shopping for and wrapping gifts.  Here is our simply homemade advent calendar.  What a fun way to count down until the big day! 

The kids were excited about their first couple of treats.  On day #1 they enjoyed chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer treats. 

Today they opened a note that said we are making kool aid playdough!  (We might also make gingerbread playdough). 

The reminaing 22 days of advent contain some fun for the Smith kids.  They are sure to discover lots of exciting treats and activities!  I will be sure to post about our favorites as they come along :)

1 comment:

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