Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's fun to be a girl!

Hair bows, ruffles, painted finger nails and more;
Sweet little girls are of dreams and fun galore

After her 5 year old check up this week Emma got her ears pierced!!  We had been talking about it for quite some time.  A Pre K friend has hers done (peer pressure starts early)!  We watched another lady get hers done and then Emma chose diamond studs (14K gold cz) "just like mama".  Of all the colors, she said that those would match any outfit (afterall, she must keep these in until Valentine's Day). 

The whole experience was a little nerve-wracking for all of us.  She was very emotional at first and I reassured her that it was totally fine to wait until another day if she so desired.  I was a lot older when I had mine done, simply because I was a weenie.  We didn't want it done when she was a baby and we wanted her to make that decision.  She was adamant that she wanted it done that day.  After one last pre piercing glance in the mirror, it was show time!  I knew she would need them done at the same time and thankfully that was possible!

We were both glad to have daddy there to hold her hand :)

She was such a BIG girl and we were proud of her bravery! The hardest part has been cleaning them three times each day. She is so looking forward to putting her Christmas money toward a pair of sparkly Hello Kitty earrings and hearts for Valentine's Day.  Oh Emma, you're growing up way too fast....

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