Saturday, February 27, 2010

One year ago....

Owen has started sitting in the walker. It won't be long before his lil tootsies can reach the floor! Please excuse the mess in the background....he was hanging out in his sister's room!

One year ago today I made my first entry in Owen's journal. Here is what I wrote:
"On Tuesday I took a home pregnancy test which showed a +! It was quickly confirmed on Thursday with a test at the hospital. What a FUN surprise :) I seem to be showing a lot earlier this time. My prediction is that this baby is due around the first week of November. It's hard to believe that another baby will be joining our family before the holidays! Emma is too young to understand, although I'm sure she will be a wonderful big sister!"
I kept journals for Emma for her first two years. It has been fun to look back. Sometimes I will randomly pick them up and flip to the same date of a previous year to see what she was doing! It truly is incredible how quickly they grow, laugh, learn to roll over, enjoy baby food, crawl, walk, sprint, say a word, make a sentence and so on. I look forward to filling the pages of Owen's journal(s) in the days and months to come....

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