Sunday, February 21, 2010

Four months old

Our little guy turned four months old this weekend! That's already a third of a year old! While it has gone by so fast, it feel as though he has been part of our family forever. We weighed him at Emma's dr appt on Fri and he weighed 14 lbs 9.5 oz. His check up is on Wed so we will find out his length and stats. He will also have to get a hand full of not-so-fun immunizations. He has just grown into size 2 diapers and fits perfectly into size 3 month clothes. He finally grew eye lashes and his "chicken legs" have now grown a little cute!
We still double swaddle him at naps and night time. Although he is quickly outgrowing them, he almost always immediately falls asleep that way! He absoultely loves his big sister, being held, looking at himself in the mirror and kicking his feet in the bath water. He hates the car seat/car rides, his swing, pacifiers and tummy time.
On Jan 27th Owen slept in his big boy crib for the first time overnight. He generally wakes up an average of four times during the night. I can't remember what a full night's sleep feels like, but that's totally okay :) On Feb 9th he laughed for the first time (his daddy was tickling him). In fact, he did it twice in one day and hasn't done it again since! Right after that, he started experimenting with his cute voice. The first few times Emma said he sounded like a tiger ("Grrr..")
Owen's fingernails grow so fast and he almost constantly has scrapes on his forehead. I guess you could say he looks rough and tough like little boys should ;) He finally discovered that he can clasp his hands together but doesn't quite know how to reach for toys.
We have been adding some rice cereal to his last bottle of the day but he doesn't yet like it by spoon. Jarrod offered him mushed bananas yesterday at breakfast and he actually took a few bites! It's a little early for baby food but it's definietly evident that things are a little more laid back with the second child :)

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  1. i've missed all your posts! on my side bar it says you haven't blogged in 4 weeks since the penny incident!

    glad emma is doing well and that you guys were able to take her to the er and get her seen right away. having family close by is sooo much better which is why we are moving back south. i have no one here to watch our kids at last minutes notice like that. thank goodness we haven't had to go to the er yet :)

    own is getting so big! 4 months already! crazy! he is such a cutie!