Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My favorite son

Today was Owen's four month check up. He weighs 14 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile), is 24 inches long (10th percentile) and his head size is in the 97th percentile ~ just like his big sister's was (is)! My own professional stat opinion is that he is in the 100th percentile in the adorable boy category :)
Owen was such a well behaved boy for Dr Flippin. He smiled, "cooed" and batted his eyelashes...I sure wish he was a little more content like that at home! She prescribed Zantac for his reflux, so hopefully that will ease his stomach and make him a happy boy. She gave the go ahead for baby I'm going to attempt to make some myself! I told her that he still wakes up 4-5 times during the night and she recommended letting him cry it out and assured me that he probably only needs to feed once over night. It absolutely breaks my heart to listen to him cry over the monitor but I know it is best to create those positive habits (routine) now!

Over the past few days Owen has seemed sick....cough, chest rattle, stuffy nose but NO fever! I was almost convinced that he had pneumonia like his sister....or RSV. Dr Flippin could hear the congestion but said that he was okay - praise the LORD! There's not much that can be done for infants - cool mist humidifier, elevate mattress, saline and suction the nose, steam shower and lots of love. Hopefully he will be better soon :)