Monday, February 8, 2010

A weekend in pictures

We had a laid back weekend. On Friday morning Emma went to a fun Valentine party at her friend Ava's house. There were lots of fun activities there including story time, decorating Valentine mail boxes and cookies, games and more! We are looking forward to two more Vday parties toward the end of the week. Emma is such a party girl :) That night we cheered the Yoemen varsity soccer team on to a 4-1 victory over Robinson. Afterwards Jarrod took Emma to the basketball game while I headed to a girls' night in with my lil man in tow :) The mamas of the kiddos in our Cameron playgroup got together for some yummy snacks and a fun time!! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. I have definitely met some great ladies here. Owen slept most of the time.

On Saturday morning the kids and I stayed home while Jarrod traveled to a coaching meeting in Austin. He returned home in the early afternoon and we were all lazy together. We rented the movie "Cloudy w/a chance of meatballs" which was really cute. Jarrod and Emma even got me an M&M blizzard while they were out getting it. Emma fell asleep during the movie.

On Sunday we started a a 12 week marriage class at church. It was the first time we left Owen in the nursery. All went well but the workers said "He was very fussy and spit up a lot. But he is so cute!" Yep, that's my lil guy! Our class went well.....we even have homework! Last night Jarrod cooked hamburgers outside on the grill. We played outside a little before the Superbowl started. I even got to run to the store for 15 mins all alone....which doesn't happen very often!

Enjoy some photos from our weekend:

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