Saturday, August 15, 2009

We interrupt this marriage to bring you FOOTBALL season....

That quote is funny but very true! There is a throw pillow at J's old AD's house that says that AND a wall hanging at his new AD's house that says the same thing! I need to find one for our house :)

Jarrod wears many hats (but today he wasn't wearing one and I hope he didn't get sun burned!) These hats include husband, daddy, coach, teacher, bus driver, friend and son, just to name a few! He does a marvelous job of balancing and handling all of these responsibilities but is exhausted by the time he gets home every day.
It is always a hard adjustment getting used to football season. Unfortunately after the fourth go 'round it just doesn't get any easier! Football season comes with a HUGE time commitment and sacrifice for coaching families. I can just imagine what they go through on the college level with scouting occuring year 'round! Ouch! There are many young men that Jarrod coaches and mentors who never know any other father figure. They never know any other example. I know that God has put Jarrod in his position to mentor to these guys. He teaches discipline, team work, sacrafice, responsibility, skill and life lessons that go far beyond the football field.
The community welcomed football season with an event last night called "Meet the Yoemen". The Fall athletes introducted themselves and then we all enjoyed ice cream...outside in the 95 degree heat - HA! Coach Smith and the Cameron Yoemen traveled to Robinson this morning to scrimmage the Rockets. Emma & I watched most of the Varsity game and they looked great! Shown here is an action shot I got of Jarrod today ~ the only glimpse we got of him all day. He has been out of town this evening scouting.


  1. I absolutely agree with you. Jarrod has an opportunity to impact these young men. I feel better about the future generation knowing that he will be able to teach some life lessons to these young men. He couldn't do it without your support. XOXO, Gara

  2. Jay isn't a coach but football season is a big part of our marriage too, lol! Congrats to Jarrod for being a positive role model to those boys. I know you are proud of him! And I'll be waiting with you for my husband to come back after football season is over - haha!


    You can get the pillow there, or at Kohl's. My mom got me one from Kohl's a few years back.