Thursday, August 6, 2009

Already August!!

It's been almost a week since I blogged and upon a couple of specific requests, here I go with a Smith household update...

Two a days started this week and Coach Smith and the Cameron Yoemen have put in lots of long hours. Hopefully they are using an abundance of water and sunscreen! It's always hard for all of us to re adjust at the beginning of the season. Jarrod has high hopes for a great year and says that the talent is unbelievable! He made a change to offense this year and has a new athletic director/head coach whom he really respects so he is learning a lot! Tonight they carry on the "midnight madness" tradition but I think we may skip! Tomorrow is the first day that they are allowed to wear pads so midnight is when they will start!

Emma is growing up so fast! We were looking at her baby pictures last night and were in awe at how much she has developed into a fun, smart, kind little girl. She has the same dimples and facial expressions - almost 3 yrs later! She is getting ready to be a big sister. When I say "Where is your brother?" She says "In your tummy!" I have decided that she is not ready to potty train. As much as I shiver at the thought of having two kids in diapers, it's just not going to happen any time soon. Her new favorite thing to say is "Mama, leave me alone". Earlier this week she actually attempted a complete sentence "Mama, dere's Tahget, member dat? Got Roxie's pesent dere!"

We celebrated Roxie's sixth birthday this past weekend. That's 42 in dog years. Life is much sweeter with a good dog in the family :)

Baby boy Smith is doing well. We are getting closer to giving him a first name. I had a prenatal check up on Tuesday and Dr. Wang said that all looked great. I now go for check ups ever 3 wks. Since I was already going to be in Waco I scheduled my glucose test for the same day. I couldn't eat past 11pm the night before and then I had to drink a nasty orange drink. An hour later I had to get blood drawn and hopefully all is well. It is to test for pregnancy diabetes. Emma seemed a little confused that I was getting a "shot" this time instead of her! I am finally getting bigger and my belly button sticks straight out! He is moving around a lot more, especially at night - his movements are becoming very strong and definite. I can tell that I am carrying him much lower than where Emma was.

We are desperately searching for a place to call "home sweet home" next year. Our lease on this duplex ends at the end of the month. It has been okay but half of our belongings are in storage...not to mention needing an additional bedroom for our new little man. We are trying to weigh all of our options but there isn't a lot to consider in Cameron :( I'm going to meet our loyal realtor in a few minutes to check out a new property....wish me luck!

I am more than ready for a dip in temperatures. I think that a Texas weather man has the easiest job in the summer time. The forecast always seems to be "hot, sunny and a high of 105"! I am sooo ready for the first week that the weather man says "Bundle your children up, it's sure to be chilly at the bus stop"! I have been trying to catch up on Emma's scrapbook before baby #2 arrives. I need to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby and then I should be able to complete it. My online job has kept me pretty busy lately. I have taken on home service calls in conjunction with autiting auto calls. This month marks my one year anniversary with the company and I am so thankful to get to work part time from home. It works out perfectly for our situation. I am really looking forward to a spa day in a couple of weeks. I am taking advantage of a Mother's day gift card and letting my mom spend some time with Emma before she starts back to class.

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  1. Life is constantly busy in the Smith house. I am so glad everything is going well. Hopefully, you can get a home soon and I know that will help make everything better.