Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tiny Hiney

I have been cleaning out Emma's closet this week...partly for the JBF sale and partly to prepare for our upcoming move *fingers crossed*. About a year ago I invested in several extra large air tight baggies that vacuum seal to save space. It's amazing how many outfits one little girl can accumualte over just couple of years. Now that we know we are having a boy I was able to let go of some girly things. I was attached to several itty bitty outfits and others were name brand and only worn a couple of times, so I kept those in case we have another girl someday.
I also packed a couple of boxes for Owen. He already has lots of new tiny diapers...thanks to my wonderful friend Sandra who made me an awesome diaper cake at my shower AND my mom who picked up a pack of newborn diapers at the store last week! Look how tiny his diapers are....especially compared to Emma's size 5! His are definitely made for a tiny hiney :) These cute diapers even have a special place for the umbilical cord...I totally forgot about that! I hope that we remember how to do all the "baby things". I hope that we remember how to swaddle, how often to feed and how to install the infant carrier base. I know we have done it all before, but it seems like forever ago!


  1. It will all come back to you as soon as Owen gets here. I was just thinking today about the hiney difference. I thought Adelaide had a tiny hiney, but now I see Christian's and Adelaide's butt is huge to me now.
    Oh and the Sandra girl is pretty awesome! :)

  2. It does come back pretty fast! I do remember when Alaina was born though that Taryn's behind suddenly looked HUGE!