Monday, April 20, 2009

Late night udpate

Look at me, I'm a blogging fool today!! It's 11:30pm and I've got to do something to keep myself awake during my last half hour of work. My online job work situation is going pretty well. I've been at it for eight months now and it's such an ideal work arrangement for our family. I am committed to completing at least twenty hours each week. My weeks start on Sat and end on Fri. Basically, I do call evaluations and audits for a company based out of Ohio. They have a large branch in College Station and a wonderful friend referred me last year. A different friend is now actually my direct supervisor. We went to school together 6th - 12th grades!! It's a small world afterall. It's truly a blessing that this job fell into my lap at the perfect time! I've always known that I wanted to stay home with our kids but there's really no way we could live on one income. Although it can be rather tricky to fit in 20 hours per week, it is totally flexible. I can work anytime and take breaks anytime. I can work in my pjs and Emma can run around and be a 2 yr old all she wants while I work :) What could be better?! Lately I have had trouble falling asleep at night so I work until I get sleepy.

Tonight I was organizing Emma's room. How could someone so small acquire so much stuff in just 2.5 short years?! Each season I go through and retire Emma's outgrown clothing into large plastic bags. I keep things that I hope to use again and discard the rest. It's amazing how quickly she outgrows clothes, shoes and socks! Tonight I gathered sizes 18 months and up. She used to be so tiny....what happened?

Tonight was the night. Emma went to bed without a pacifier. We cut a hole in it and when she discovered it she said "Broken"! We blamed it on the dog. Poor Roxie. Emma cried for a good hour before I assume she finally fell asleep. I'm pretty sure that nap time will be non exsitant now. Great.

Today I started taking zofran. Although they used to be a lot more expensive, $1 per pill is still a lot on the Smith budget :) I am pleased to report that it has been wonderful! I felt so good this afternoon that I took some clothes to the dry cleaners, washed my car (with the wand and hose), folded two baskets of laundry, made dinner, ate dinner and cleaned the entire house!! It has been MONTHS since I've been half that productive! Yay for the zofran. Let's just hope it continues to work like a charm!

Did I mention that I'm officially addicted to Dairy Queen tacos?! Yes, I am. I guess you could call it a craving. No matter how nauseas I feel, I can stomach them. Yummy in my tummy!

I'm not so much worried about juggling two kiddos yet. But, I'm sure that as November approaches I will be. So, I need advice! Those of you with 2+ kiddos, fill me in! What surprised you the most? Was your oldest jealous? What was most challenging? Help! My brother was born when I had just turned 3, which is close to the age gap our kids will be. I can remember telling my mom that I wanted to throw him in the "crash can". We didn't get along at all!

Thanks for reading my late night rambling. I guess I'll work some more. My goal is to have all hours completed by Thurs pm as we are leaving for San Antonio on Fri AM!!!


  1. You are too cute. Good luck with Emma and the paci. I know you both have the will power to do it. Have fun in San Antonio!

  2. Good luck with the paci, I remember that battle! I wish I could get on at your work - let me know if they ever have any openings!

  3. I still have you in mind Jenica! I'll let ya know!