Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just another Wednesday in paradise!

Today was a good day. I am down to just one zofran a day....usually first thing in the AM. I still feel sick always but just not as bad. Does that make any sense?! I am functioning A LOT better!

Dance was fun this morning. It was pretty gloomy outside so only a few mommies & girlies showed. Mrs. Lisa had the girls "practice" for the recital. She warned us that this would be tricky the first few times! She directed them to each stand on a silver star on the floor. She then had the mommies sit across the room looking at them. She handed out the maracas, turned on the music and YIKES!! The girls all freaked out! There were maracas flying and tears flowing. One poor little girl was trying her best to escape the classroom. The girls will be performing two dances at the recital but I'm afraid there isn't much time for perfecting. We have less than a month 'til SHOW TIME!!!

After dance Emma & I both got hair cuts then went over to my hair gal's house for lunch and play time. Sarabeth has two kids, "Gus" (age 3.5) and Lola (age 18 mos). We had a fun time.

Is this swine flu scaring anyone ELSE? The fact that a 23 month old died last night AND there are more and more confirmed cases freaks me out! Jarrod called me at lunch to inform me that their regional track meeet has been CANCELLED by UIL. Many school districts participating are closed until mid May. I was leery walking through Wal Mart today. I wanted to wear a mask and ask everyone when the last time they were in MX was. I keep reminding myself that God is in control. He knows everything WAY before it happens. I have peace with that.


  1. Dance class must have been funny to watch.
    When I heard they cancelled UIL, I thought of you. Atleast Jarrod will be home now.

  2. i too am freaked out. my nephews school is closed down till may 11th, they live in New Braunfels. a lot of school in SA are also closed. crazy stuff!

    glad you guys had a good time at your friends house and yay for haircuts!