Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye Sid!

The three years I spent working as a manager at Enterprise (in Oklahoma) is not something I look back fondly on. It was tough work but it did offer me a crash course in business and customer relations. I was an angry person at the end of every day. I was spending way too much time doing something other than what God put me on Earth to do. I despised 99% of the customers, hated marketing and strongly disliked my commute and hours. Can you believe the dress code demanded that women wear panty hose, suits, heels and that we had to wash cars in THAT?!

Although there were many things about Enterprise that royally disgusted me, I absolutely LOVED (and miss) my co workers. I worked at three different branches (Stillwater, Ponca City and Guthrie). I spent lots of time with these people. Among my favorites were the drivers. These were retired men. My driver at Ponca was Dewey - who I still talk to at least once a month. My driver in Guthrie was Sid. Both were neat guys who I was blessed to have met. I thought of them both as extra grandpas! :)

Last week Dewey called with some bad news. Sid had passed away on Easter. At first thought I was sad beyond words. I always thought I would have another conversation with him. He had been in poor health the entire time I knew him. He and his wife, Sandy, were also Texan transplants "lost" in Oklahoma! We both longed to be back in the lone star state and talked about it quite often. Death is part of life and Sid had had a full life. He was 75 years old at the time of his passing. After being a state trooper in Midland for many years, he was prouldy promoted to a Texas Ranger in 1965! He did that until 1988. Sid had some amazing stories and I loved to hear him talk. Sandy convinced him to move to Guthrie, OK to be closer to their two daughters and grandchildren. Sandy passed away last Fall of cancer. Dewey said that he had spoken to Sid numerous times since and he said that without his other half he was ready to go! He was a Christian man and I know where he is today :)