Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday adventures

I love rain. My favorite weather is gloomy, dark and pouring down rain. But, it's much easier to enjoy indoors! This morning I thought we were in trouble on the way to my dr appt in Waco. I left in plenty of time, but ran right into a horrible storm. The sky was dark green. At first it started to rain, then harder and harder. Then, I could barely see. Then came the HAIL!! It was beating down so hard that I was honestly prepared for my windshield to bust. I was running right on time so I was reluctant to pull over. I followed pretty far behind a pair of trustworthy tail lights and said many prayers. Lightening was awfully close to us and I didn't know what to do. If I pulled over to the shoulder, another vehicle was sure to ram into me. If I pulled over to a rest stop, we would be directly underneath trees, which can't be good either. I was right in the middle of nowhere. Finally, it got so VERY bad that I decided there were much more important things than arriving to the hospital on time. I pulled over in Golinda and a tiny little gas station. There were about 15 other vehicles pulled over. I gathered that I had made the right decision! Oh, and about a mile before finding a place to pull over, Emma puked everywhere. I'm not sure if she was scared or ate her waffle too quickly. We waited for about twenty minutes.

My dr appt went well. Dr Wang finally found the cute heart beat which is at a steady 187 beats per minute! She prescribed reglan for my nausea. She was concerned that I had lost six pounds in the past four weeks. I discussed zofran with her but she seemed very leery and said that she only recommends it as a last resort. If I do not see a significant positive effect with the reglan in the next few days onward to zofran it is!

Jarrod thinks that he caught the stomach bug......again :( He has been laying on the couch since 4pm. The past three times he has brought it home I have managed to get horribly sick in the middle of the night. Great. Just what I need. I will be soooo mad.......


  1. You did have an adventurous day, didn't you. I hope you feel better soon and same with Jarrod.

  2. Crazy weather! I hope the reglan works for you! I tried it with Kalena and Isaac, and it kept me from throwing up as much, but I still felt awful on it. I hope it works much better for you! Sorry about Emma puking in the car, Kalena used to do that EVERY time we were in the car for more than 20 minutes.

  3. WoW! What an adventure! Glad you made it ok. And thats awesome about the heartbeat! And I hope the reglan works for you!

  4. gosh, what a crazy day! glad you made it safe and sound!