Friday, April 20, 2012


Today Owen is two-and-a-half (or, 30 months as they call it at the pedi clinic)!  He weighs exactly 29 pounds, stands 35.75 inches tall (both right under the 50th percentile) and his head is 20.5 inches round (90th perc).  He is finally able to fill most of his size 2T outfits and is able to wear most of his same Spring/Summer wardrobe from last year.  He fits size 7.5/8 shoes and wears size 5 diapers.

Owen usually starts his day around 8am. When he is awake he is a ball of energy!  He is very curious, mischievous and fast.  When 1pm rolls around he is ready for a nap.  He is an excellent napper and will sleep for 2+ hours if not interrupted.  Bedtime is around 8:45pm and he still wakes up several times during the night. He is still in his crib and that is just fine with me :)


He "counts" (1, 2, 1, 2...), recognizes some shapes (mostly heart, star and circle), identifies a few alphabet letters and understands simple opposites such as up/down and in/out.  He has mastered animal sounds including cow, monkey, horse, duck, cat and dog.  While eating a banana and/or climbing furniture he makes a loud monkey noise :)

At his check up Dr Dewbre recommended he start speech therapy. She was pleased with the increase in his single word vocabulary but noticed that he doesn't link two or more words together as much as he should. Some of his newest words include ice, Mema (Emma), guess (yes), poosh (I'd like to push my own stroller), why, yay, ha gog (hotdog), gogur (yogurt), Me Mouse (Mickey Mouse), sigh (outside), mon (c'mon), roll roll roll (roll my tortilla up!), seesa (sister), Dah dahs (McDonalds), Wowen (Owen), Tarda (Target), wok (work), coo (school), uh oh, duce (juice) ca cas (paci), boobahl (football) and, when prompted, I luzz ooo (I love you). He occasionally links two words together when repeating or with posessions (i.e, Mama's bed, Daddy's watch, Gaga's house, etc).

His favorite things right now are playing with his train set, bathtime, gymnastics and being outdoors.  He strongly dislikes shopping, train sounds, Roxie kisses and having to sit still.  During the month of March he seemed to keep some sort of big bright briuse on his forehead.  About the time one would disappear he would manage to get another. 

Owen still eats very little but usually seems to enjoy fish sticks, french fries, waffles, pop corn, yogurt, anything sweet, all beans, tortillas, queso, rice, bananas, broccoli cheese soup, donut holes and peanut butter sandwiches.  He still takes gummy car vitamins and one Pediasure per day.  Potty training looks promising!   He shows lots of interest and seems eager to please.  I plan to get serious after our upcoming move.    Can't believe we are on the downhill slide to THREE!!!

"I'll love you forever; I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living; My baby you'll be."

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