Monday, April 9, 2012


All week the kids watched as the carnival set up in the parking lot of our town's main shopping square.  This weekend we daddy surprised them with a late night visit!  They had a blast, made memories and even slept in past 9am the next morning :)

We were completely unsure of how Owen would handle his first "roller coaster" experience.  We really should have known that he would LOVE it!!  What little boy wouldn't enjoy a fast, high and jostling locomotive?!? 

Both kids had huge grins each time they would pass us by :)

The man taking tickets was super nice.  Since our kids were the lone passengers he even made sure that he moved the ride a few feet forward so that I could get the perfect picture!

Of course I had to share a photo of Emma and her daddy on the spinning strawberry.  It was here that we endured our only meltdown ~ little brother wasn't quite tall enough to ride. we found his own special buggy ride! 

Last but certainly not least, they took a late night carousel ride.  What a fun time :)

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