Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Opening day

Emma was so excited to be drafted by the Ladybugs this year!  After much practice and preparation, they played their first game this weekend.  The opening day ceremony was held bright and early on Saturday morning and the game followed later that afternoon.  I also did my concession stand duty (which made me feel like a true sports mom)!  This year there are seven local teams in Emma's bracket (ages 5-7).  Lots of sweet friends play on different teams this season!

She was thrilled to be issued the cute socks and uniform with her chosen number 6.   

Warming up before the big game

Watching from the dugout

Batter up!

In "ready position" while playing catcher during an inning

Here is Emma's littlest fan showing off his 'Ladybug Brother' gameday shirt :)

Chatting with "Seesa" after the game

Hooray for a weekend game so that daddy could come!!

We are SUPER proud of our #6!!!

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