Friday, November 5, 2010



This was truly the most challenging game of the season.  No, not on the field, but in the stands!  For whatever reason, both kids were up at 5am on Fri and Emma doesn't nap.  She fell asleep during half time.  Owen took an extra long afternoon nap but put up a noteworthy fight during the first half.  I finally decided to get the stroller out of my car to push him around (I did this many times when Emma was his age).  He fell asleep for about twenty minutes but then woke up kicking and screaming.  Nothing would make him happy.  I was determined to stay until the we did!  My parents took the kids straight to my car while I met Coach Smith on the field as usual.  I am so proud of Jarrod & all of the Yoemen!  Their hard work, dedication and abundance of talent has certainly paid off!!!! 

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