Saturday, November 20, 2010

13 months old

I must start this post by admitting that I have been slacking in my photography duties lately.  These photos are all from my phone.  I promise to take more photos over the upcoming holidays :)

Happy 13 months to Owen!  He is approximately 22 lbs, wears size 4 diapers and fits comfortably in size 12 month outfits. 

Owen finally became interested in walking the week of Halloween.  He took 11 steps in a row on 11/11 (go figure!)  He still bathes with Emma and loves to splash and giggle!

Owen still fights sleep.  His nap times have been re arranged but luckily he still takes two each day.  His late morning nap lasts approximately an hour while his afternoon nap lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours.  He is very light sleeper.  We finally pushed bedtime back by a couple of hours.  The time change definitely effected him and we figured it would be easier getting him to stay awake at football games.

Owen's newest favorite snack is Gerber fruit snacks.  They keep him well occupied but he devours them very quicky!  He eats a lot....usually more than his big sister!  He laughs whenever he finds the opportunity to pounce on someone from the back.  What a silly boy!  He is a little man of few words but is definitely trying to talk.

Owen is celebrating his 13 month bday with some sinus congestion but hopefully he will be better soon!

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