Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ten months

Wow, 10 months! I can't believe Owen is in double digits! He is now pulling up and starting to cruise on anything and everything. It happened almost overnight. Over he past few weeks he has become so mobile that he even promoted classes in the church nursery! It still surprises me each time I enter his room and find him standing in his crib grinnng from ear to ear :)
One of his newest skills is waving! He is waving hello in the photo below :)

Here is our month ten photo with sweet Roxie:

It is oh so true...boys and girls are opposites!! Not only do boys talk later and poop more, but they are quite mischievous! Owen loves to climb. He is very squirmy and wiggly and rarely ever sits still! He must be watched very closely and gets into everything he shouldn't! He scoots away very quickly and can be found digging in the trash or bending blinds! Emma never cared much about outlets, but from the photo below you can see that someone else is very curious....

He likes to chew on flip flops and computer wires :( He is slowly learning the meaning of the word 'NO'! He especially enjoys playing with cell phones, remote controls and anything with buttons!

I am happy to report that Owen is FINALLY sleeping through most nights!! What a blessing!
Very early each morning he bangs his empty bottle on the crib slats to let me know he needs a refill :) Nap time is a challenge now that he can stand and scream. When we are home I can usually still trick him into three naps per day (2 short cat naps and 1 long nap after lunch).

Look how fast our little guy is becoming a toddler!! He has gotten sooo long and is quickly outgrowing his infant carrier. He has an early birthday gift on its way (a big boy car seat ~ thanks Big Daddy & Lita)!

The last week of July he finally got his first two bottom teeth. He has tried lots of new foods but is not a fan of green veggies. As messy as he is at meal time, I don't force them either :) He even enjoyed an oatmeal cream pie at the city pool last week...yum! His daddy fed him pieces of a hot dog this week (which he called "real man food"). We have introduced the sippy cup but will go full force with that upon our return from Cali.

This next month Owen is looking forward to his first trip out of state (and plane ride), first full season of Yoemen football and he will start to have mommy all to himself two mornings a week!


  1. He is growing up so fast. It's crazy that he will be one shortly.

  2. Yeah for sleeping through the night!! What a sweetie!