Sunday, August 1, 2010

Open gym!

The kids and I met some friends at Gabrielle's in Temple on Friday morning. It was the first time that we had taken advantage of "open gym" and it was lots of fun!
What a GENIUS idea that for just $5 kids can run wild, jump on trampolines, climb tall mats, walk along a floor balance beam, wade around in a foam square pit, hang upside down on gym bars like a cute little monkey and fellowship with other little people while mamas visit :) Emma and her good friend Ava only got called out once by an employee for hitting boys (yikes)!
Even Owen got in on the fun. He was a busy little guy and enjoyed chasing a plastic purple ball, wrestling gigantic dice and scooting through a tunnel:

As we were leaving the gym Emma said that she was tired. The kids both slept all the way home. I think we will be back to open gym again soon.....

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